Penny and the Punctuation Bee by Moira Rose Donohue

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Back of book: Elsie, and exclamation point, announces loudly that she’s sure she’ll win the school Punctuation Bee. After all, an exclamation point has won the last three years. But Penny, a period, and her friend, Quentin, a question mark, decide to practice and practice. More than anything, Penny wants to beat Elsie, who brags way too much! The bee begins and one by one, the punctuation marks drop out. Finally, as the loudspeaker announces the end of the school day, only Quentin, Penny, and Elsie remain. It looks like a three-way tie. Then Quentin asks an important question that saves the day-for Penny!

My Review:  The concept of having a punctuation bee was very intriguing to me. As a teacher I see a serious focus on spelling bees in my school but not on anything involving punctuation. I believe that is a very important thing to teach students. This book not only focuses on the importance of knowing when to use punctuation, but also how to be a good sport in completion. Penny  is kind to Elsie no matter what. I truly love this book.

Ages 6 and up

32 Pages

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