Cleopatra By Diane Stanley


Back of book:  Queen of Egypt at the age of eighteen, Cleopatra’s passion was to untie the world under Egyptian rule. Legendary leaders risked their kingdoms to win her heart, and her epic life has inspired countless tales throughout history. A timeless story of love, war, and ambition, their pictorial biography is sure to entertain and educate.

My Review:  If you have never read a story by Diane Stanley please go pick one up. She is one of the best authors at writing biography stories. The story of Cleopatra is scandalous and a huge part of Egyptian history. Stanley does a perfect amount of research about her subject matter and has a list of sources in the back of the book. This is not a book I would read to younger grades because the content matter is more grown up. This is a perfect book for writing a biography or a book report.

Ages 9 and up

48 pages

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