The Library By Sarah Stewart

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Back of book:  Elizabeth Brown doesn’t like to play with dolls and she doesnt like to skate. What she does like to do is read books lots of books. The only problem is that her library has gotten so big she can’t even use her front door anymore. What should Elizabeth Brown do? Start her own public library, of course! With charming verse and watercolors Sarah Stewart and David Small celebrate one of America’s oldest and finest institutions.

My Review: I think this is a very fun rhyming book and a neat way to talk to children about libraries. Elizabeth reads everything she can get her hands on. I believe this is a great story to read to children about how books can impact their lives and how amazing a library can be. The text discusses several types of books and allows readers to see that any subject can be read about and learned about.

Ages 5 and up

40 Pages

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