Too Much Glue By Jason Lefebvre



Back of Book:  Although Matty’s art teacher has warned him that too much glue never dries, Matty loves glue. After all, he and his dad make oodles of glue projects at home. One day during art class, Matty finds the fullest bottles of glue, and the fun begins. With a squeeze and a plop, Matty pours a lake of glue before belly-flopping right in the middle and finds himself stuck to the desk.

My Review:  Every teacher can relate to this fun and engaging story about a boy who gets a bit to excited about glue! We have all had that child in class who instead of a dot of glue uses half the bottle for one piece of a project. I am looking forward to reading this story to my students before we have art class this year. The illustrations in this book are fun and keep children interested in when Matty is going to do to get out of the glue. The ending is sweet and shows kids that it can be okay to get messy sometimes.

Ages 5 and up

32 Pages

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