My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother By Patricia Polacco


Back of Book: After losing running, climbing, throwing, and burping competitions to her obnoxious older brother, a young girl makes a wish on a falling star but wishes have a funny way of turning out differently then you plan.

My Review:  Anyone who has a brother will understand this story. Brothers can be the most annoying creatures on earth but, they can also be the protector and caregivers. This story talks about how when Patricia Polacco was a little girl she hated her older brother Richard. She couldn’t understand how anyone could like him. One night she makes a wish on a falling star that she can do something, anything better then Richard. After several tries she finally thinks she can beat him at the fair on the marry-go-round. She rides the marry-go-round until she falls and gets hurt. It is up to her brother to save the day.  This is a very sweet story about sibling rivalry and the love that comes with it. Polacco does an excellent job of showing readers a look into the life she lived as a little girl. As with all her stories the illustrations are beautiful and draw a reader in.

Ages 8 and up

32 Pages

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