Roses Sing on New Snow: a Delicious Tale By Paul Yee



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 Back of Book: Maylin is a young girl who works very hard in her father’s restaurant 7 days a week in China Town.  She loves creating delicious meals that everyone will enjoy. She especially loves cooking for the men who are new to America and may be missing their families back in China. Although Maylin cooks very hard she never gets any of the credit. Her lazy father and brothers take credit even though they have never cooked a day in their lives. Then one  day the governor of South China arrives. Maylin’s father orders her to make a dish that will impress the governor. She creates a delicious dish and names it Roses Sing on New Snow. The governor loved Maylin’s the best out of all the dishes He demanded to know who had created such an amazing dish. He and all the guests at the feast were surprised to see that a woman created the dish. The governor demanded that Maylin come to China and create the dish for the emperor of China!

My Review:  I randomly picked up this book based on the cover and after reading it was immediately glad I had. It is a beautiful story that shows Chinese culture in America. Maylin is a strong female character who is not afraid to work hard and fight for what she believed in. This is a great story to pull out when discussing strong female roles the Chinese New Year.

Ages 8 and up

32 Pages

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