There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose! By Lucille Colandro


Back of Book:

That lovely old lady has returned just in time for Valentine’s Day. Now she’s swallowing items to make a very special gift for her valentine! With rhyming text and hilarious illustrations, this wacky version of the classic song will appeal to young readers as they follow the Old Lady on a wild Valentine’s Day adventure.

My Review:

My students love the Old Lady Who Swallowed Series.  They are often my go to stories for every holiday. This story is no expectation.  It has a fun rhyming pattern that my students caught onto quickly.  I read it on Valentines Day and my students loved that each thing the old lady found created a beautiful valentine card. After reading the story we created our own cards using the same materials.  

Ages 5 and up

32 Pages

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