Planet Kindergarten: 100 Days in Orbit Sue Ganz-Schmitt



Back of Book:

Star Log: Day 100. Base camp is lively. I greet my crewmates and admire their work. We have mastered many skills on our journey, but today brings a new milestone. There have been: 100 roll calls. 100 songs. 100 pledges. 100 challenging days full of exploration and triumph!

My Review.

I have been teaching Kindergarten for two years now and I truly believe that my students get more excited about the 100th day of school then Christmas. I had 16 boys this this year so I spent time making sure that I found fun boy books to share with my class. When I found Planet Kindergarten I knew my boys would adore it.  It is a fun story that lists all fun things that a Kindergarten class learns in the first 100 days. From safety and pledges, songs, and everything in between. This is a fun, quick read to help celebrate the 100th Day of school. 

Ages 4 and up

36 pages

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