The Girl Who Heard Colors By Marie Harris


Back of Book:

This eye-opening picture book introduces readers to their five senses and to synesthesia—a condition in which one sense triggers another. For some people, sounds or tastes have colors. And for others, numbers and letters do.

My Review:

The first time I heard the term synesthesia, I was in college listening to my school choir preform. I was absolutely amazed by the concept of seeing colors while listening to music. When I heard that there was a picture book synesthesia I knew I had to review it. Readers are introduced to a young girl who has synesthesia.  When Jullian hears sounds she sees colors. The other student’s do not understand her unique ability and tease her for it. The music teacher arrives and is able to explain to the students why Jullian is different.  The illustrations bring the color experience to life and draw readers in. I also like that there is a section in the back of the books that talks about the author meeting and working with the real Jullian. I really enjoyed reading this story and look forward to sharing it with my students.

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