Patience Wright: American Sculptor and Revolutionary Spy By Pegi Deitz Shea


Back of Book:

The intriguing story of one of America’s first spies—a woman! Born in 1725 in the American colonies, Patience Wright discovered her talent for art at an early age. As an adult, she joined her sister in a wax-sculpting business and later moved on her own to England. There, Patience became a spy for the colonies, hiding messages in the sculpted busts she sent to her sister’s waxworks in America. Here is the story of a woman who lived an extraordinary life, full of art and intrigue.

My Review:

I was intrigued by the storyline of a female spy. I truly enjoyed learning about the intriguing life  of Patience Wright. This book teaches readers about how she bravely turned her art work into a way to help her country. I can see this being a great story to read when discussing woman’s important roles in the war.  The illustrations in this book are soft and show a beauty in Patience Wright. I would highly recommend this book for any school library or unit study on the Revolutionary War.

40 Pages

Ages 8 and up

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