Sakes Alive! A Cattle Drive By Karma Wilson


Back of Book: Two cows, Mabel and Molly, take the farmer’s truck and go for an eventful joyride into town.  They speed through the stop sign, narrowly missing a sheriff’s car, sideswiping the mayor’s flowerbed, and ending up in town, where the folks all gather to see the ridiculous sight.

My Review:  What a perfect story to use as a read aloud. Nothing is more fun to children, then hearing a story that could never happen in real life.  I used this story for my farm unit, and loved how engaged my class was. They loved all the crazy things that the cows were a part of.  I loved the rhyming text and the repetition of the words.   Karla Firehammer did an excellent job of creating welcoming illustrations that perfectly told the story.  I highly recommend this story.

32 Pages

Ages 5 and up

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