Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code By Laurie Wallmark


Back of Book:

An ace inventor, groundbreaker, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Grace Hopper coined the term “computer bug” and taught computers to “speak English.” Throughout her life, Hopper succeeded in doing what no one had ever done before. Delighting in difficult ideas and in defying expectations


My Review:

I am so excited to be reviewing this truly unique, and one of a kind picture book. I had never heard of Grace Hopper before and was amazed by her work. Grace was a young woman who was not afraid to try new ideas. She loved to learn, and she loved math. It led her to becoming a programmer for the Navy and working on some of the very first computers. As a teacher, I think is a must for every school library. With an increase in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) learning in classrooms, the importance of learning about great female scientists has increased.  I found this story to be a missing part of children’s literature. The illustrations are engaging, and draw readers in.  I love how Laurie spent the time to discusses each aspect of Graces productive life. I think this story is definitely a must read.

48 Pages

Ages 6 and up

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