Beautiful By Stacy McAnulty


Back of Book: This picture book is filled with wit and musings on what it means for a young girl to be beautiful. The illustrations evoke a feeling of uniqueness, independence, and strength, defining beauty through diversity, talents, and passions. Girls are playing football, eating messy oranges, digging in the mud, laughing at themselves, and flying like birds on swings.

 My Review:

This book is truly a unique look at what it means to be beautiful. I was very excited when this book was at the May book fair. The librarian made sure that this was on my wish list. My favorite part of this book was how simple the text is. It shows little girls of all culture, and color. Each page shows these young girls enjoying the same activities. I love that this story shows real girls who are getting messy, leaning, dancing, and enjoying life. Joanne brought the story to life with her fun, and engaging illustrations. Every mother, grandmother, aunt and friend should add this to their girls bookshelf.

Ages 5 and up

32 pages


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