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Back of Book: Teal is the story of a little crayon who doesn’t fit in. Is Teal blue or is he green? This charming fable empowers children to think outside the box and embrace one another’s diversity.

My Review:

I was gifted a copy of Teal from Rene’e Galvin for an honest review.

I was very excited when I read the description of Teal. It sounded like a wonderful story. I was excited to find that it surpassed all my expectations. This is a story that all children can relate to. Teal is a crayon that doesn’t fit in. He isn’t blue, or green, he is somewhere in between. He loves that his color is the color of the ocean, and the sky. Still, when all the colors go into their box at night he is left alone. Teal puts his thinking cap on and comes up with a perfect solution.

Culture is a very important discussion today. Many authors, and publishers have seen the need to create memorable picture books that convey the importance of being unique. Teal is a perfect example of a story that should be a part of any culture and diversity discussion. I am a Kindergarten teacher and I can easily see using this book as the beginning of a lesson. Ms. Galvin created illustrations that are soft, but draw a reader in. The end of the story is a brilliant solution that both children, and adults will love. I would highly recommend this book be a part of every school, and classroom library. I look forward to reading other books by Ms. Galvin.

Ages 4 and up

32 Pages

Check out the author at https://www.facebook.com/renee.galvin.1



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