Super Manny Stands Up! Kelly DiPucchio



Back of Book:


Zombie bears, evil cloud monsters, and alien robots with laser beam eyes are no match for Super Manny. But when Manny encounters a real-life nemesis in the school cafeteria, will he be able to summon his superhero strength to save the day?


My Review:  


I picked this book during a recent trip to the bookstore. I was so excited that I did. This is among one of  the best books I have read this summer.  It is a perfect example of how one person can stand up and make a difference. The story begins with Manny telling readers how he uses his imagination in many ways. He is fearless, he is brave, he is invincible. Each picture has a different color that draws readers into the scenes. I loved how calming the pictures are. Even though Manny encounters zombies, and evil cloud monsters, he prevails. But the true test is when a mean classmate enters the cafeteria. Manny shows readers that it doesn’t take much to be strong.  I loved that also this book is essentially about a bully, the term is never used.  Stephanie did an excellent job or creating soft illustrations that allow readers to associate with Manny and his emotions. Kelly wrote a story that is sure to a favorite with all children.


Ages 5 and up


40 Pages

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