Let’s Estimate: A Book About Estimating and Rounding Numbers By David Adler

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Back of Book: How much pizza do you need for a dinosaur party? If you don’t know exactly, you have to estimate! This lively introduction to the mathematical concept of estimation is straightforward and fun. David A. Adler explains what an estimate is and the difference between estimating and rounding. Edward Miller’s colorful and energetic artwork offers the perfect accompaniment to a concise, engaging text. Filled with simple examples and explanations, Let’s Estimate will have kids estimating like pros!

My Review
Teaching math can sometimes be difficult. Students don’t always understand the concepts. When I heard about Let’s Estimate I got very excited. Anytime children get to talk about dinosaurs, and pizza they get excited! David Adler is a very talented author who I able to write in a very clear and engaging way. The book gives the definition of estimation, and then goes on to explain how to do it. Each page teaches readers about a new step. Such as what rounding is and how to accomplish it. It breaks down how to round to 100s, 10s and ones. This is not just a book about math. It is a true teaching tool.  The illustrations are full of bright colors and draw readers into the story as they follow the dinosaurs through the math problems.   I wish that this book was around when I was in school. As a teacher, I am thrilled to see something as neat as this book available to readers.
Ages 8 and up
32 Pages

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