What’s Making Walter C. Laugh? By Ginny Jordan


Back of Book:
What’s Making Walter C. Laugh? is a whimsical story. Each page will bring giggles to children and adults as they wonder What is Making Walter C. Laugh? Is it a goldfish dancing with a banana on the kitchen table? Is it a snowman eating pizza in the bathtub?
My Review:
I was contacted by the very kind Ginny Jordan, and asked to review What’s Making Walter C laugh? The review is my own opinion. I love finding stories that make children laugh. To me, a child’s laughter is among the greatest sound in the world. So, when I picked up this story, I knew I and my students were in for a real treat. This is such a fun and imaginative story that is sure to bring on the giggles. The illustrations are beautifully done, and allow readers to picture the silly concepts that could be making Walter C laugh. My personal favorite picture was the one of the unicorns unicycling while juggling ice cream cones. As teacher, I can using this book as a writing prompt to see what else could make Walter C laugh. The book is a great length and is a great beginners book. I truly hope that Ginny continues to write more stories.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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