Pluto’s Secret: An Icy World’s Tale of Discovery by Margaret Weitekamp


Back of Book:
People, children especially, have been baffled, bewildered, and even outraged by the fact that Pluto is no longer called a planet. Through whimsical artwork and an entertaining dialogue format, Pluto’s Secret explains the true story of this distant world. Providing a history of the small, icy world from its discovery and naming to its recent reclassification, this book presents a fascinating look at how scientists organize and classify our solar system as they gain new insights into how it works and what types of things exist within it


My Review:
The world of outer space continues to be a mystery in many aspects. We are still learning exciting new things about the great beyond. I loved Pluto’s Secret because it teaches children about the great mystery of Pluto. Is Pluto a planet? Or something different? I loved that this book is written by someone who works in the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. This is not just a story about a planet, but a history of why scientists want to study and understand Pluto in the first place. I love that this book teaches about the scientists who discovered Pluto, and believed it to be something special. As a teacher, I learned several new aspects of space that I had never learned about. I loved that the back of the book has a glossary, and a note from the museum. This book is a must for any space unit.
Ages 7 and up
38 pages

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