Boy, Were We Wrong About Dinosaurs BY Kathleen V. Kudlinski


Back of Book:
The ancient Chinese thought they were magical dragons. Scientists thought they could only float on water since they were so big. Boy, were they wrong! Even today, notions about dinosaurs are being revised as new discoveries are made. This lively book offers fascinating insight into how certain theories were formulated, and then how those theories were proved or disproved.
My Review:
This is a must read for all dinosaur lovers. It discusses all of the different ideas that scientists have had over the years about dinosaurs. Each page discusses a different misconception that scientists had about different animals. The book discusses the bone structure of each type of dinosaur as well as if they were hot or cold blooded. This book is a great addition to every teacher’s nonfiction library. The illustrations are engaging for children, but still teach them information about dinosaurs.

Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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