The Friend Ship Kat Yeh


Back of book: Little Hedgehog is very lonely. But then she overhears passersby talking about something that gives her hope-something called a Friend Ship!

Hedgehog imagines a ship filled with friends of all kinds, and soon she’s ready to hit the open seas in a boat of her own to track it down. Along the way, she meets other lonely animals eager to join her quest.

They search north. They search south. They search east. But Hedgehog and her new friends can’t find the Ship anywhere! Until she realizes she knows just where the Friend Ship is.
My Review : For many of you school has started. With school comes the fun, and sometimes conflict of making friends. I always have some students who make friends very easily, and other students who struggle with meeting new people. The Friend Ship is a wonderful story about a hedgehog that wants to find new friends. So, he sets off on a boat to look for them. This story is a perfect way to introduce ways to make friends. I love that the animals are all different. As the book continues the hedgehog is joined by a beaver, a group of deer, and an elephant. I can see using this book to explain diversity in my classroom. This book has a strong message that everyone can be friends. I enjoyed the soft illustrations in the book. They draw a reader into the story. In my opinion, this is a must read for any grade who is struggling to find friends.

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