The King’s Taster By Kenneth Oppel


Back of Book:
Max is the cook’s dog. And because he is also the king’s taster, Max gets to feast on
French Fries!
Rose Pudding!
Cheese Pie!
No wonder Max loves his job. Who wouldn’t want to dine on these delicious dishes?
The new king, that’s who.
And if the new king has his way, it won’t just be their job that the cook and Max lose!

My Review: This is a unique story about a picky eater and his official taster. The prince is picky, so the royal chief tries many new dishes like fries, and pizza. This book is very humorous with catchy language that readers will really enjoy. The illustrations are created by two different painters and blended together beautifully. I love the small details like the chief’s suit covered in recipes, or the details of the different countries. The story has a creative ending, with a lesson about eating healthy. This is a perfect story to add to any healthy eating unit.
Ages 5 and up
32 pages

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