Picture Day Perfection By Deborah Diesen

picture Day perfection

Back of Book: It’s picture day, and the boy at the center of this charming picture book wants to make sure his picture is perfect. It seems as though everything’s going wrong for him—he has bedhead, a stained shirt, and a big scowl on his face. But when he goes up for his picture, he thinks about his terrible appearance, and he smiles—because he secretly wants his picture to be the worst ever taken! But just as he smiles, the photo is snapped and his plan is ruined—the photo looks great.
My Review:
My picture Day is next week. So that means it’s time to practice our smiles. I have learned that children can be scared of picture day. So, I always find fun stories to show my students how fun picture day can be. Picture Day Perfection is about a boy on a mission to have the perfect picture. Well perfectly awful. The text shares everything that he goes through to make sure that his picture doesn’t turn out. The only problem is that everything backfires. Dan Santat created fun and wacky illustrations to bring the boys plans to life. This is a great book to use for a reading response, or parts of speech unit.

Ages 6 and up

32 Pages

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