Little Red Writing By Joan Holub


Back of Book:
My Review: Little Red, a pencil in search of a story. Given a writing assignment by her teacher Ms. 2, Little Red travels down the story path with a basket of red nouns looking for the kind of tale that will allow her to display bravery and fight evil, “because red is the color of courage. But what would a brave pencil do?” As she journeys around the school, she encounters action words at the gym, descriptive words at the library, etc., until she comes across a long tangly tail that is up to no good. Brave Little Red follows it into Principal Granny’s office where she comes upon the Wolf
Any time I can use a picture book to teach proper handwriting skills, and structure I do. I love that the main characters are all pencils. I also liked that first page discussed, and defined a story path. As the story progresses, the text discusses action verbs, adjectives, and other parts of speech. Little Red has several trials such as, run on sentences, and using to many nouns. I love that the book is structed using word bubbles to tell the story. It creates a unique approach to reading. Although this book is based on the premise of Little Red Riding Hood, it is different enough that children will stay engaged in it. The ending is fun, while still teaching students about the importance of the writing process. I highly recommend this book to read before any writing project.
Ages 6 and up
36 Pages

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