Martina & Chrissie: The Greatest Rivalry in the History of Sports By Phil Bildner


Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert come from completely different places and play tennis in completely different ways. Chrissie is the all-American girl: practiced, poised, with perfect technique. Martina hails from Czechoslovakia, a Communist country, and her game is ruled by emotion. Everything about them is different, except one thing: they both want to be the best. But as their intense rivalry grows, something else begins to swing into place, and a friendship forms that will outlast all their tennis victories. Phil Bildner and Brett Helquist tell the engaging true story of these two masters of the court as they win title after title — and, most importantly, the hearts of the fa
My Review:
I have never known much about the sport of tennis so I was not filmier with the story of Martina, and Chrissie. This is a great detailed biography about the lives of the two women who dominated the sport of tennis. I loved how the text gives readers a picture of the way the two women played. It talks about their wicked and volley serves. The language is very descriptive and allows a reader to feel like they are a part of the game. This book allows readers to form their own opinion about which player was the best. I loved that this book shows readers that even friends can have healthy competition. The illustrations are beautiful and detailed. I would recommend this book for sports lovers, or children needing a strong biography story to do a report on.
Ages 7 and up
40 Pages

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