The House That Jane Built: A Story About Jane Addams By Tanya Lee Stone

515RQ+W4Q+L._SY409_BO1,204,203,200_Back of Book:
Jane Addams. At a young age, Addams became aware that not all people had the advantages in life that she enjoyed, and she was determined to “find a way to fix the world.” Because of the influence of her enlightened father, she went to college at a time when most women didn’t. She graduated at the top of her class but was uncertain what to do next. While visiting London with friends, Addams saw poor people begging to buy rotten food at a market. Reminded of her early resolve to help the needy, she visited Toynbee Hall, a London settlement house that proposed that rich and poor live together, “settled in,” so they could learn from one another.
My Review:
I loved reading a story about the strong and amazing Jane Addams. I used this book as a part of my amazing woman’s unit for National Woman’s Months. I enjoyed teaching them about a woman who saw a problem and set out to find a solution. In creating Hull house, Jane created a completely new and different idea. She realized that if poor and rich people lived together they could learn things from one another. This book is an excellent biography of how Jane Addams  ideas, changed an entire town. She is one of America’s unknown heroes. The book is kid friendly and tells a story that will keep readers interested and engaged. The illustrations are lovely and enjoyable. There is an author’s note at the end and a list of resources where readers can find more about the life and hard work of Jane Addams.

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