Most People by Michael Leannah


Back of Book: Michael Leannah wrote Most People as an antidote to the scary words and images kids hear and see every day. Jennifer Morris’s emotive, diverting characters provide the perfect complement to Leannah’s words, leading us through the crowded streets of an urban day in the company of two pairs of siblings (one of color). We see what they see: the hulking dude with tattoos and chains assisting an elderly lady onto the bus; the Goth teenager with piercings and purple Mohawk returning a lost wallet to its owner; and the myriad interactions of daily existence, most of them well intended. Most People is a courageous, constructive response to the dystopian world of the news media.
My Review:
This is a much needed and refreshing story. It is a beautiful look at how most people behave. The story shows readers that people are kind and good. This book talks about the negative images that children see in the news, be it tv, magazines, or on the internet. The story focuses on sharing with children that not all people are rude or unkind. Most People have good hearts, and want to help each other. The illustrations are beautifully drawn, and portray people of all race, color, and religion. This is a must read for any diverse book collection.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages.

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