Uncle Peter’s Amazing Chinese Wedding By Lenore Look


Back of Book: Jenny’s favorite uncle, Peter, is getting married, and everyone is happy happy — everyone, that is, except Jenny. While her family runs about getting ready for the traditional Chinese wedding — preparing for the tea ceremony, exchanging good-luck money called hungbau, helping the bride with her many dresses — Jenny is crying on the inside. How is she supposed to still be Uncle Peter’s number-one girl, with her new aunt Stella around? Maybe if she can stop the day’s events from happening, he won’t get married at all
My Review: I have never read a story like this. It is a beautiful look at the unique traditions of a Chinese Wedding. It teaches readers the importance of traditions and history. I learned several new things about a Chinese Wedding. Such as the barging and paying of the bride, the tea ceremony, and why the children go jump on the bed. I loved that there is so much culture that is taught in the story. The book also discusses change, and how it can be difficult for children to adjust to new family dynamics. I highly recommend this book for all classrooms, as well as home libraries.
Ages 6 and up
40 Pages

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