Autumn’s First Leaf By Steve Metzger

Autumn's First Leaf

Back of Book:
Summer is over. The days are getting shorter. Cool autumn winds blow through the trees. But for three little leaves, fall brings surprises. One of the leaves is changing.
My Review:
This is a perfect book for young readers to learn about Autumn and the reason why leaves change. The story follows three leaves Paige, Phil, and Pointy who live at the top of a maple tree. The wakes up and trees enjoy playing games and having fun. One-day Pointy notices that part of him is gold. The other leaves feel left out and wish that they could be gold as well. In the end, all the leaves change from green to yellow. I love that this book focuses on friendship and jealously. It teaches readers that even though friends change, they can still play and have a great time with one another. This book is a perfect blend of teaching children about Autumn friendship. Aaron Zenz is one of my favorite illustrators. He brings the leaves to life. I highly recommend this book for the fall season.

Ages 5 and up

32 Pages

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