Patrick and the President By Ryan Tubridy


Back of Book:
When the beloved president visited Ireland in 1963, he described it as the best four days of his life. And for a generation of Irish people, it was a trip they never forgot. This warmly told, bighearted picture book captures the fevered excitement in the buildup to the president’s visit, all seen through the eyes of a young boy named Patrick who wants to know more than anything what it would feel like to shake the president’s hand.

My Review: I was very excited when I heard that this book was coming out. I had never heard that President Kennedy visited Ireland. This book is a great historical look at how President Kennedy visited the country where his heritage was from. The story follows Patrick, a young boy who is very excited about an upcoming visit with the President. Patrick learns that he will get to preform several songs when the President. He would do just about anything to meet Kennedy. This story was well researched and allows readers to feel like they are there visiting the President. The illustrations are stunning and capture a beautiful moment in history.
40 Pages
Ages 6 and up

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