The Sound of Silence By Katrina Goldsaito

the sound of silence

Back of Book:
Do you have a favorite sound?” little Yoshio asks. The musician answers, “The most beautiful sound is the sound of ma, of silence.”

But Yoshio lives in Tokyo, Japan: a giant, noisy, busy city. He hears shoes squishing through puddles, trains whooshing, cars beeping, and families laughing. Tokyo is like a symphony hall!

Where is silence?

Join Yoshio on his journey through the hustle and bustle of the city to find the most beautiful sound of all.
My Review:
In a world where noise is almost always constant, it is rare to find a moment to concentrate on the silence. This book is a beautiful look at one boys mission to find out what silence sounds like. The setting of the story is in Japan, and shows the beauty of the country. The language of this story is poetic and allows readers to focus on each small sound that Yoshio hears. The illustrations are beautifully and bring the story to life. This story is a great read to pair on any unit or discussion about mindfulness.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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