Rachel Carson and Her Book That Changed the World By Laurie Lawlor

rachel Carson .png


Back of Book:


This is a biography of the pioneering environmentalist. Her name was Rachel Carson.  “Once you are aware of the wonder and beauty of earth, you will want to learn about it,”. She wrote Silent Spring, the book that woke people up to the harmful impact humans were having on our planet. Rachel found many adventurous ways to celebrate nature. Her book Silent Spring went on to become a huge success.


My Review:


One of my favorite things to find are books about amazing women.  Rachel Carson was a brave and determined woman who believed in changing the environment for the better. Rachel was a quiet and shy young girl who had to learn how to grow around other people. She received her master’s degree and landed a fulltime job as a biologist. Although her life was full of pain and hardship, Rachel made sure that she left something that would change the course of history. This book is very informative and gives readers and informative look at how Rachel protected the earth. The illustrations are soft and beautiful. There is an afterword at the book that gives more information to readers about Rachel Carson. This is a great book to have students read if they are interested in biology.


Ages 6 and up


32 Pages

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