Ellie By Mike Wu


Back of Book:
The zoo is closing!

Ellie and her friends want to save their home, but Ellie’s just a baby elephant, and she doesn’t know what she can do to help.

While the other animals are busy working, Ellie finds a brush and some paints, and gives the zoo a big splash of color! Will her bright new talent be enough to keep the zoo’s gates open for good?
My Review:
I was in Barns in Noble today and I stumbled upon this gem of a story. Ellie is a small elephant in the zoo. When she finds out that the zoo is closing, she tries to find a way to keep it open. One day she picks up a paintbrush, and finds a way to save the zoo. I can’t even begin to tell you how adorable this story is. Readers will cheer Ellie on as she saves the zoo. The illustrations are friendly and childlike. The text is written fantastically and brings the animals to life. I hope that Mike Wu writes many more Ellie stories.
Ages 4 and up
40 Pages

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