Satchel Paige By Lesa Cline-Ransome


Back of Book:
No one pitched like Leroy “Satchel” Paige. Fans packed the stands to see how many batters he could strike out in one game. He dazzled them with his unique pitching style, and he even gave nicknames to some of his trademark pitches — there was the “hesitation,” his magic slow ball, and the “bee ball,” named because it would always “be” where he wanted it to be.
Follow Satch’s career through these beautiful illustrations as he begins playing in the semipros and goes on to become the first African American to pitch in a major League World Series, and the first Negro Leaguer to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
My Review:
I love finding picture books that talk about the history of baseball. I love that one sport inspired so many people around the United States. I had never heard about Satchel Paige and truly enjoyed reading about the life of the amazing pitcher. The book starts at the beginning of Leroy’s life and tells readers about his climb to fame, and how he became one of the greatest pitchers ever. I loved the details about Satchel like that he had his own technique and loved to show off. I also enjoyed reading the showdown he had with Josh Gibson. This book is great for a book report because it is filled with important details of baseball. The illustrations are painted and are truly stunning. The end of the book shares Satchels vital statistics. Great biography read.
Ages 7 and up
32 Pages

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