A Boy, a Mouse, and a Spider–The Story of E. B. White by Barbara Herkert


Back of book:
When young Elwyn White lay in bed as a sickly child, a bold house mouse befriended him. When the time came for kindergarten, an anxious Elwyn longed for the farm, where animal friends awaited him at the end of each day. Propelled by his fascination with the outside world, he began to jot down his reflections in a journal. Writing filled him with joy, and words became his world.
My Review:
This is wonderful biography about the boy who grew up to write Stewart Little, and Charlotte’s Web. Elwyn grew up with a love of being in the barn. He loved the quiet that he found. As he grew, he realized he had a gift for words. I loved how beautifully written this story is. Readers catch a glimpse into the life of a man who has brought generations of readers happiness. The illustrations are breathtaking. The soft colors and tons allow a reader to feel like they ae in the barn with Elwyn. This is a great addition to any literary biography list. It is a perfect book for a unit study on E.B. White. The afterword in the back gives readers more information about the author and his life. I truly enjoyed reading this book.

Ages 5 and up

40 Pages

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