Shawn Loves Sharks by Curtis Manley



Back of Book:


Shawn loves sharks.


He loves their dark, blank eyes.
He loves their big mouths full of sharp teeth.
And he loves pretending to be a shark and chasing Stacy around the playground.


Shawn loves sharks more than anything else in the world. But Predator Day at school is on Monday and Great White Shark isn’t assigned to Shawn.


It’s assigned to…Stacy.


My Review:


As a teacher, I am always on the lookout for books that will show readers a love of animals. Shawn loves Sharks is a perfect example of one boy’s passion for sharks.  Shawn loves every part of sharks. So much so that it’s the only thing he wants to study. When he chooses a different animal, he is devastated! This story is a great look at how to handle disappointment. Shawn realizes that it is okay to have more than one favorite animal.  This is one of those stories that has several hidden gems. It can be used to discuss friendship, change, ,frustration, and above all else sharks. The story has great word choice, and the illustrations are engaging and fun. This is a great read aloud for anytime.


Ages 5 and up


32 Pages 

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