Thanksgiving Rules By Laurie Friedman


Back of Book: Percy Isaac Gifford’s Official Thanksgiving Decree: I officially command you to eat EVERYTHING you see! Percy knows just what to do to get the most out of this delicious holiday. And so will you if you follow his ten simple rules. From “the early bird gets the turkey” to “life is sweeter when you eat sweets,” his rules will help you eat your way through the big meal. But is there more to Thanksgiving than stuffed turkey and sweet potatoes with marshmallows? See how Percy discovers the true recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving holiday.
My Review:
I completely fell in love with this story. Isaac is a boy who is so excited to eat his Thanksgiving meal. I love that the story begins with telling readers that it is important to take pictures for mom and help dad around the house. I also loved that in the story, Isaac says hello to every visitor, and shakes hands with every person. Then it is off to the main event! The meal!
Readers will love the rhyming text that describes all the delicious food that Isacc is preparing to eat. The illustrations are fun and show readers diagrams of each part of the plan. This is a great read-aloud for the Thanksgiving Season.

Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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