Miss Little’s Gift By Douglas Wood


Back of Book:
Douglas was the youngest, smallest, and newest member of Miss Littles second-grade class, and the almost impossible task of learning to read made things even harder. But reading was only one of his problems. He didn’t like sitting still. He talked when he wasn’t supposed to. He got into scrapes on the playground. When Miss Little tells him he is going to stay after school to practice reading, Douglas thinks it is one of the world’s worst ideas. But its not long till he discovers the wonder that exists between covers of books and finds a world there that he knows and loves.
My Review:
Miss Little is the kind teacher that I strive to be. I believe that ever teacher hopes to make an impact on their students the way Miss Little influenced Douglas. The beauty of this book is that readers can relate to Douglas. All students have a subject that they struggle in. This book shows readers that it is okay to need some extra help. Douglas Wood is a very talented author. This is story told in his own words is an emotional and profound story. The illustrations are full of depth and inspiration. Every child should have a teacher as wonderful as Miss Little at some point in their lives. This book should begiven as a gift to all teachers.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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