The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas By Fiona Boon


Back of Book:
When Pip the polar bear is woken up in the middle of winter by a strange jingling sound, he sets off into the snow to find out what it is. When Pip finds Santa s grotto, he learns that the sleigh is one reindeer short and Christmas will be canceled unless they can replace her! Find out what happens in this charming and delightful story about a shy, little polar bear, who overcomes fear, helps others, and saves Christmas!
My Review
I love reading Christmas books that involve animals. They make stories more fun and Interactive. The Polar Bear who saved Christmas is a fun story about Pip a polar bear who takes Dancers place in Santa’s sleigh. Pip says yes, and because of his bravery he is able to save Christmas. The story is written in a fun rhyming pattern, that readers will enjoy. The illustrations are whimsical and beautiful. Readers will enjoy reading about Pip flying with Santa and the reindeer. This is a perfect read aloud for the classroom.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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