My First Kwanzaa Book by Deborah M Newton Chocolate


Back of Book:


A vibrant picture book brings to life the Kwanzaa holiday during the last week of December as Grandma brings special food, Grandpa lights the candles, and the whole family celebrates their heritage.


My Review:


I believe this that is a perfect introduction for preschool and Kindergarten aged children to learn about the holiday of Kwanzaa. I love that the book starts out with an introduction from the author. The text is simple to read and explain to children. The story follows a young boy as he spends time with family and celebrates the different aspects of the holiday. The back of the story has a list of the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa. There is also an excellent list of symbols and words used during Kwanzaa. The illustrations in this story are detailed and lovely. Anyone who is looking for a story to explain Kwanzaa to younger audiences needs this book.


Ages 4 and up

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32 Pages


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