How to Be an Elephant by Katherine Roy


Back of Book:
The savanna is not an easy place to live, even for African elephants, the largest land animals on earth. If it’s a challenge for these 7,000-pound giants, what’s it like for their newborn babies?

An infant elephant has precious little time to learn the incredible array of skills that are necessary to keep up, from projecting her voice across a 10-octave range to using the 100,000 muscles in her trunk to stay hydrated. But this giant-to-be has the perfect classroom–a family herd made up of her mother, sisters, cousins, and aunts. With their help and protection, she’ll learn how to survive, how to thrive, and how to be an elephant.
My Review:
Every time I read a story written by Katherine Roy I know I will be experiencing something beautiful. How to Be an Elephant is a stunning look at the birth and life on an elephant. Each page shares a different part of a elephants life. The book shows readers how elephants walk, smell, and use their bodies to protect themselves. The details in this book are written in an informative and beautiful way. The watercolor illustrations are simply breathtaking. They bring the pictures of the elephant to life. This is one of those books that should be in every upper elementary classroom.
Ages 6 and up
48 Pages

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