Love, Triangle by Marcie Colleen


Back of Book:
Ever since they were a dot and a speck, Circle and Square have been best friends…. Then someone new comes along: a cool, exciting Triangle. And three starts to feel like a crowd.
With their friendship bent out of shape, can they put it back together again?

My Review:
This story perfectly blends math concepts with a story about friendship. I believe readers will be able to truly relate to the idea of making new friends. The idea of best friends learning to get along is an important theme in children’s literature. The story of Circle and Square is one that many children can relate to. When Triangle comes into the picture both Circle and Square must learn how to balance having a third friend. I love the small aspects of math that Marcie tied into her story. She teaches her readers about the different points that each shape has. The illustrations are fun and match the text perfectly. Each shape has a unique and very fun personality. I truly enjoyed reading this book.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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