Mice Skating By by Annie Silvestro


Back of Book:
For most field mice, winter means burrowing down and snuggling in. But not for Lucy! She loves snow crunching under her paws and wearing a fluffy wool hat. And most of all, Lucy loves to skate, and she’s just ACHING to show off her new skill with her friends. After all, a winter wonderland is twice as nice when you have friends to enjoy it with. But the other mice just don’t understand—and after a disastrous indoor snowball fight, it looks as if they never will. Can Lucy find a way to make the other mice come out and “mice skate” too?
My Review:
This is a sweet story about Lucy a mouse who loves winter. Her friends won’t join her and prefer to stay inside where it is warm and cozy. One day Lucy accidently figures out that she can glide on the ice. She is so excited that she finds a way to share skating with her friends. This is a terrific book to read for the winter season. It shows readers the beauty and importance of friendship. The illustrations are warm and inviting. The text is written in a lovely format and blends humor with figurative language. A simply stunning tale.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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