Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost: Austria 1 (Pack-n-Go Girls Adventures by Janelle Diller


Back of Book:
Welcome to Austria!
Nine-year-old Brooke Mason has lived all her life on a ranch in the Colorado Rockies. Now she’s headed to Austria with her mom. Brooke can’t wait! They even get to stay in Schloss Mueller, an ancient Austrian castle. Even better? There’s a girl Brooke’s age to play with! Eva, the girl who lives in Schloss Mueller is thrilled to meet Brooke. Unfortunately, the castle’s ghost isn’t quite so happy.
My Review:
I was thrilled to be chosen to review this book for the Multiracial Literature Day 2018. This day was organized by some amazing people who believe that every culture should be in children’s books. I was sent Mystery of the Ballerina Ghost: Austria by the author.
This is a perfect book for young readers who want to learn more about different countries and cultures. I learned several new things about the country of Austria while I was reading. This is the first in a series that follows Brooke and her new friend Eva. The mystery in this story is perfect for beginning readers. This series reminds me a bit of the Boxcar Children series. The illustrations are well drawn bring the details of the story to life. At the end of the book there is a section of facts about the country of Austria. I loved the recipe and the German words that readers could learn. Overall, I will be highly recommending this book to readers.
Ages 6 and up
104 Pages

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