Smelling Sunshine By Constance Anderson


Back of Book:
All around the world in cities, towns and villages large and small clothes are washed. They are hung to dry in the breeze and sunshine and children everywhere revel in the fun of helping with the laundry. Smelling Sunshine captures some of the special moments of this day-to-day chore a wonderful, heart-warming time shared between parent and child and an experience young readers will relate to
My Review:
I was thrilled to be chosen to review this book for the Multiracial Literature Day 2018. This day was organized by some amazing people who believe that every culture should be in children’s books. I was sent Smelling Sunshine by Star Bright Books Publishing.
I love the beauty and simplicity of this story. It follows several children from several different countries as they all preform the chore of washing clothes. I loved that the text is filled with strong descriptive words that allow a reader to feel like they are there with the children. The illustrations in this book are stunning and filled with vivid colors. I found myself wishing I could visit each place in the story. This is a beautiful picture book that is diverse and shows all races and cultures. I highly recommend this book.
Ages 4 and up
32 Pages

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2 thoughts on “Smelling Sunshine By Constance Anderson

  1. Sounds like such a lovely picture book! Thanks so much for sharing via the Multicultural Children’s Book Day linky and for being a reviewer!

    I hope you can join us tonight at our Twitter Party from 9-10pm EST. We will be giving away hundreds of diverse children’s books in the form of 13 book bundles. One will be given away every six minutes.

    The questions with the book prizes are posted here:


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