Fort-Building Time by Megan Wagner Lloyd


Back of Book:
Winter, spring, summer, fall. Each season brings new materials to make the perfect fort. From leaves to snow, from mud to sand, there is a different fort throughout the year. As a group of friends explore and build through the seasons, they find that every fort they make is a perfect fort.
My Review:
This is a lovely look at the different seasons and how the children in the story enjoy different activities in each one. Each season focuses on the different items needed to build a fort. I love that the text is right in figurative language. A teacher could use this book for a lesson on the examples in this book. The text also beautifully describes the differences in each type of weather and season. Another aspect of this book that I love is that the story centers around play. The children are always outside playing and learning in nature. The illustrations are warm and bright. They show images of happy children working together and enjoying life. I thought the illustrations should the beauty of friendship in a soft and sure way.  A stunning picture book that all readers will love!
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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