Wake Up, Groundhog! Susanna Leonard Hill


Back of Book:
Phyllis is not like other groundhogs. She loves to splash in the cold river in springtime, roast in the summer sun, tromp through the winter snow. Every kind of weather makes her happy. This year on February 2, she is excited because she can feel that an early spring is in the air. But how will she get Uncle Phil out of bed to make his official Punxsutawney Phil Groundhog Day prediction?
My Review:
I love that this story focuses on a female Groundhog. Phyllis is different than the other Groundhogs, but she believes all the differences make her special. She decides that when she grows up she wants to be Punxsutawney Pill. All the grownups think she is silly, but Phyllis is sure. Finally, Phyllis gets a chance to prove that she is ready. I love the tenacity of Phyllis. She is strong and sure of herself. No matter what anyone says she is willing to prove that she can be the next Groundhog. The illustrations in this story are fun and engaging. The story is written with a great deal of humor and is sure to make readers laugh out loud. This is a fantastic picture book to add to any Groundhog reading list.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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