Goldenlocks and the Three Pirates by April Jones Prince


Back of Book:
Once upon a seaworthy sloop lived three pirates: the big, pilfering Papa, the medium-sized, menacing Mama, and the small, bonny Baby, a pirate-in-training. They were excellent pirates, but not very good housekeepers, so their gruel wasn’t tasty, their stools weren’t sturdy, and their hammocks weren’t hung properly. Luckily for them, Goldenlocks happened along when they were out for a row in the harbor. April Jones Prince’s rollicking text and Steven Salerno’s swashbuckling paintings make Goldenlocks and the Three Pirates a first-rate adventure and a spirited take on Goldilocks.
My Review:
I love sharing different versions of classic fairy tales with my students. When I picked up Goldenlocks and the three Pirates, I completely fell in love with changes from the original. I have never read a version where Goldenlocks helps and makes things better. I think that the change is a unique twist on this fractured fairytale. The text is well written and has a rhyming pattern that is easy for readers to follow along with. I loved that Goldenlocks is shown as being an intelligent and strong young woman. The illustrations in this story are well drawn, and show readers all the parts of the ship. If you are teaching a unit about fairy tales add this to your reading list.
Ages 5 and up
32 Pages

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