Elephant & Piggie Like Reading! It’s Shoe Time! by Mo Willems & Bryan Collier


Back of Book:

Today is the day its time to choose. Which shoes will b right? Which shoes will be left? Its shoe time!

My Review:

I cannot say enough about what a wonderful writer and creator Mo Williams. His ideas are pure genius! As sad as I was to see the last Elephant and Piggie book published, I was thrilled to see his new collaborations that are hitting shelves.  One such book is Its Shoe Time written with Bryan Collier.  This story is a fun description of choosing the perfect pair of shoes to wear for the day. I love that Elephant and Piggie are in the story reading the book. It allows for a neat perspective to readers. This story does an excellent of staying engaging, while also teaching readers that it is okay to have a different since of style.  The text is written with bubble blurbs just like the Elephant and Piggie books. The illustrations are well drawn and fun. A fantastic read aloud to share with students, or at home.

Ages 5 and up 

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64 Pages

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