PoPo’s Lucky Chinese New Year By Virginia Loh-Hagan


Back of Book:

When her Chinese grandmother comes to visit, a young Chinese-American girl learns of and participates in the customs and beliefs celebrating an authentic Chinese New Year.

My Review:

This is a delightful story to read for Chinese New Year.  The story follows a young girl who is learning everything about Chine New Year from her PoPo (grandmother). The little girl works hard to follow all the rules so she can have good luck for the rest of the year. The story follows the girl as she makes traditional food, and wears traditional clothing. Throughout the book PoPo lovingly steers her granddaughter through the dos and don’ts of preparing for the new year. I love that at the bottom of each page, readers can read more about the traditions that come with the new year. The illustrations are well drawn and allow readers to clearly see how Chinese New Year is celebrated. The back of the book has directions on how to make a Chinese Pellet Drum.  An excellent read aloud for Kindergarten and First grade.

Ages 5 and up

32 Pages

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