Mae Among the Stars by Roda Ahmed


Back of Book:
A great classroom and bedtime read-aloud, Mae Among the Stars is the perfect book for young readers who have big dreams and even bigger hearts!
When Little Mae was a child, she dreamed of dancing in space. She imagined herself surrounded by billions of stars, floating, gliding, and discovering.
She wanted to be an astronaut.
Her mom told her, “If you believe it, and work hard for it, anything is possible.”
Little Mae’s curiosity, intelligence, and determination, matched with her parents’ encouraging words, paved the way for her incredible success at NASA as the first African American woman to travel in space.
This book will inspire other young girls to reach for the stars, to aspire for the impossible, and to persist with childlike imagination.

My Review:
This book is such an inspirational look at how Mae never gave up on her dream to go to space. Even when others doubted Mae she never gave up on what she wanted to be when she grew up. The writing of this text is beautiful and the message of never giving up is truly inspirational! The illustrations are warm and inspirational. I did not know very much about Mae before I read this picture book. I fell in love with her pure determination and strength. She is a historical figure that every young girl should learn about. The back of the book has a bio and resources on how to find out more information about Mae. A terrific story that should be in every library and classroom.
Ages 5 and up
40 Pages

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